Economy and Law

Economy and Law

Opinions and assessments, economical polls and evaluations, market analyses, energy-saving projects and benchmark surveys are only a few of the work areas of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen on the subject of economy.

Market-specific activities and marketing measures also belong here. So the IK has been busy for some time now with age-based packaging as a topic of the future for the branch. During seminars and lectures, members receive tips and advice for their own positioning. With various association-related quality boards and marketing activities the IK creates competitive advantage for the member companies with quality aspects.

Legal issues are becoming more important, given their large economical relevance. The IK supports its members for example in contractual matters through updated, model General Terms and Conditions or antitrust advice. Special topics such as product liability or codes of conduct are worked out for the members with special IK information.

Scope for interpretation in the case of legal requirements and regulations is clarified by the IK. Therefore, in the framework of the implementation of the packaging regulations several suggestions were made and appropriately passed through.

Higher-level legal subjects such as insurance law are shaped through the IK in BDI Legal Committees. However, the Association does accompany its members in relevant legal disputes, such as in the case of several complaints against trade associations.