The German Energy Agency (dena), the German Association for Plastic Packaging and Films (IK) and other industry associations support companies that want to optimize their processes and plants in an energy- and climate-friendly manner by 2021. 15 particularly exemplary projects will be honored as “Lighthouses for CO2 savings” and placed in the public eye.

The project “Lighthouses for CO2 Saving in Industrial Companies” is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) and supported by the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), the German Association for Plastic Packaging and Films (IK), the German Glass Industry Association (BV Glas) and the German Foundry Industry Association (BDG). Their common goal is to identify and leverage industry-specific potential for energy efficiency and emission reduction. The lighthouse projects should motivate further companies to launch climate protection measures. The focus here is on emission-reducing measures that can be implemented with marketable technologies, as well as the removal of possible obstacles in project implementation and the use of subsidies.

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Our activities

We actively participate in the “Marine Litter Round Table” in order to reduce pollution through plastic waste and microplastics in the North and Baltic Seas.

We launched the Zero Granulate Loss initiative in 2016. Its members have committed to undertaking measures aimed at minimising the loss of plastic particulates. In this way, the plastics packaging industry is working to protect rivers and oceans from littering.

We also support BKV GmbH in drawing up reports on plastic emissions in inland waters in Germany. In addition to continually developing its “From Land to the Sea” model, which captures land-based plastics waste, BKV also participates in the “MicBin” government-funded project. The project ( was initiated to investigate the emissions of plastics in tributaries of the Danube and will run to September 2020.

Business, government, municipalities, NGOs and consumers have a shared responsibility in the fight against marine litter. The plastics industry, of which we are part, acknowledges its responsibility in a global declaration and is actively engaged in over 350 projects in finding a solution to this challenge (

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