Public relations

Our core tasks include communications and public relations. We see ourselves as the voice of the industry and are the central point of contact for all matters relating to the plastics packaging industry. We comment on current political issues from the industry perspective – in press releases, articles, information material and at events.

We focus on economic developments, product protection, sustainability and consumer protection.

As IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V., we provide information on new topics and on the properties and benefits of plastics packaging in a range of publications, training materials and videos clips.

We have been working together with the PlasticsEurope Deutschland manufacturers’ association since 2018 to provide a greater range of facts in the debate about plastics:  Newsroom Kunststoffverpackungen (Plastics Packaging Newsroom) collects and presents facts, media reports, interesting information and background details on a dedicated platform.

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Press Releases

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ERDE was able to significantly increase its collection volume last year – the amount of 26,910 tons of silage and...