Our association advocates affordable raw materials and energy prices and improvements in the supply security of the plastics packaging industry. These are important general conditions to ensure the German plastics packaging industry remains competitive.

German plastics packaging producers are leaders in Europe thanks to their innovative capabilities and efficient production processes. Nevertheless, competition is growing, while small and medium-sized companies are limited in their scope for negotiating with large customers.

At the same time, general political conditions such as EU import duties on plastics and national energy taxes are putting pressure on the industry and having a negative effect on competitive conditions. We therefore advocate the reduction of import duties and trade restrictions.

The legislator must …

  • Re-examine how the expansion of renewable energy is financed as soon as possible and allow more market-driven principles.
  • Take the European dimension of energy supply into account to a greater degree: energy transition should in future be financed via the federal budget rather than via the cost of power as is the case now.