Product & working groups

Member companies can exchange information and participate in shaping the opinion of the industry as a whole in 20 technical and product-related working groups, which reflect the different product and market segments. They also offer the possibility of conducting segment-specific projects.

mitgliederversammlung industrievereinigung kunststoffverpackungen
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Project groups

  • Industrial films and industrial packages
    – Initiative Light & Safe working group
  • Composite and mono films for food packaging
    – Printed polyolefin films working group
  • Initiative ProStretch
  • Plastic bottles
  • Pharma Packaging
  • Forum PET in the IK (
    – PET preform and bottle producer working group
    – PET recycling working group
    – PET public committee
  • Drums and canisters
  • Packaging cups and trays for food products
  • Closures and sprayed packages
  • IBC-K (intermediate bulk containers)
  • FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk containers)
  • airpop®
    – airpop® public committee
    – EPP working group