Innovation is the key to a fully functional circular economy. We promote common solutions – for example in the form of the “Eco Design Round Table”. Optimised processes, the use of fewer resources, and innovation in materials and recycling make packaging more efficient and sustainable.

Plastics packaging has become 25 per cent lighter since 1991. The environmental effect due to material reduction is two to three times higher than through the use of one kilogramme of recyclate.

Wall and film thicknesses have been reduced, material characteristics improved and moulding and processing techniques further developed. At the same time, packages face increasing demands, for example they need to be resealable or allow the product to be portioned.

Daten Und Fakten Ressourceneffizienz Von Kunststoffverpackungen

PackTheFuture Award

We award the German-French packaging prize to particularly sustainable plastic packages. The aim of this is the make the numerous innovations of the industry better known to the public. What is more, the Award helps member companies to communication their product innovations.