Bioplastics packaging

Bioplastics Broschüre 2017

Since 1997, the year of creation of the IK Bio-plastics workgroup, the Association deals with all issues around the topic of bioplastic packaging and films, starting with the production and availability of raw materials, through the quality parameters of bio-plastics, areas of application, market development and evaluation, up to ecological assessment of the entire life cycle.

The working group has repeatedly indicated in an objective assessment the chances and risks in the application of bioplastics for packaging and films, especially in the heavily demanded IK information brochure on bio-plastics. The brochure explains, among other topics, that bio-plastics do not represent a real alternative to conventional plastics, they can however be a thoroughly interesting supplement in many application areas. The IK sees its assignment in reference to bio-plastics also in realistically presenting the future chances of this material group in the media, within the context of to some extent highly illusionary expectations. The IK thus comprehensively informs about the advantages of bioplastics packaging and films in specific areas of application.