Environment and Sustainability

IK-Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2018

Environment and sustainability have long since been promoted to a competitive factor, also in the positioning of plastic packaging in comparison with other packing materials such as glass, metal, or paper. Even with consumers, much is advertised using “green” arguments. Appropriately, expectations and inquiries have increased noticeably from customers, consumers, media and investors, or credit-givers, currently with a focal point on the climate change / CO2 emissions subject.

This puts the individual companies, as well as the entire plastic packaging branch, before the challenge of positioning themselves credibly to ecological and social issues. In constructive dialogue with relevant actors from politics and society, the IK builds responsibility of the branch and reinforces it by, among other things, the preparation of ecological balance sheets, studies (for example on the carbon footprint) and position papers.

Current projects of the IK in the area of environment and sustainability are among others:

  • The PET lifecycle analysis 2010 on beverage packaging for mineral water and carbonated soft drinks.
  • Cooperation on the DIN Mirror Committee for the development of ISO 14067 “Carbon Footprint of Products”
  • Dialogue with the European food industry through participation on the EU Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Roundtable

Organisationally, this complex subject area is represented by the Department for Environment and Sustainable Development. Moreover, the IK Executive Committee for Environment and Sustainability working group work on central issues in this topic area.